Training Year 2021-2022

Training 2021-2022 Notice #2
We are moving forward with preparations for the new training year. Capt. Rothwell and myself will be in a planning workshop this weekend with our leadership team for the region. This workshop weekend is dedicated to how Cadets Canada can deliver a training program in our ever-changing environment. Our objective for us at a local level is to ensure we can can present a local program that meets the standards for approval by our chain of command. 

As we get direction and approval for training, we will quickly move to onboard all  new recruits and begin validations of all our returning  cadets.  We will provide dates and times as soon as we can confirm when training will commence, be it online or in-person.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send them to us. 


Capt. McLennan
Training Officer

Email Contacts:
Capt. Robert Rothwell
Capt. Dean McLennan